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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Will the Real Journalist please stand up.

Ok, so let me get this straight Campbell Brown asked one of McCains people to name one decision (just one) the Gov. Palin made regarding the Alaska National Guard. Since supposedly being Commander in Chief of the National Guard somehow makes her qualified in foreign policy and qualified to be Commander in Chief of all US Forces if something were to hapen to McCain while he's in office. In short the guy couldn't answer the question. He tried to turn it around and attack the reporter but she wasn't having it and kept hammering him on it. In retaliation McCain cancelled his appearance on Larry king.

The Republicans are very adept at this blame game they play with the Media. When ever one of them gets called out on something. or they get taken to task over thier hypocrisy they crank up the rehtoric blaming all the usual suspects. The "Liberal Media", or the latest and my favorite the "Elitist Media" Just what the hell is the "Elitist" Media anyways?

Unfortunately and all too often the mainstream media whimpers and backs down. I am hoping that somehow this time will be different. But I'm not counting on it. All the mainstream media outlets must still do the biddig of their corporate masters. Which makes the whole "Liberal Media" line a joke in itself.

Bottom line I'm not counting on the mainstream media, to ask Sarah Palin the tough questions that the American People deserve answers to. I hope I'm wrong.

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