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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Florida Republican Group to Boycott Oprah

OK so now I'm seeing this little tid bit where Women Republicans in Florida are planning to boycott Oprah because she will not have any of the candidates on her show until after the election. While it's true Oprah did have Obama on her show, it was before he was officially a candidate. Are they freaking serious!!! Oprah? not to belittle Oprah, but I want to see Gov. Palin handle herself on the Sunday morning talk shows. She can do the powder puff stuff later.

Gov. Palin talked a whole lot of trash during her speech at the Republican Convention last week. I for one am ready to see her back it up in a situation where she can't rely on canned responses prepared by someone else.

If she's really all that the Republicans say she is. Then let her show it.

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