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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Crashing the Tea Party

The right-wing blogs and talk shows are all buzzing about a new website that has surfaced called
crashtheteaparty.org. Supposedly this groups is dedicated to discrediting the tea party by infiltrating their events and passing themselves of as members of the tea party carrying signs with misspelling and idiotic slogans. Some right-wingers have been saying all along that the idiot tea baggers we see with the racist signs with misspelling etc. were liberal plants. I seriously doubt this. From what I've seen of these folks, most seem to be grossly misinformed and obnoxiously ignorant.

If this crashtheteaparty group is legit, the question I would ask the founders is why would they even bother? The Tea Party folks in my opinion are doing just fine making themselves looking like ignorant, hateful racist without any outside help.

Secondly, the Republican party has more to gain my marginalizing and discrediting this group that the Democratic party. The Tea party was the GOP's creation but now some Republican politicians have found themselves in the tea party's sights. The moster they created has now turned on them. Let's not forget the independents. If the Republicans hope to win over enough independents to make a difference come November they are going to have to distance themselves from the tea party and it's associated gang of far right lunatics..

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