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Saturday, April 10, 2010

All is Fair in love and stepping

This is old news now but I just now saw the video of the white Sorority Zeta Tau Alpha that won the Sprite Step Off championship and I have to admit those girls threw down!

If they were best performers I have no problem with them winning. How can we claim to want
a level playing field but at the same time say there should things that nobody else is allowed to participate in yet alone win.

My wife and I are both a members of Black Greek Letter Organizations. So I know all the history of why we were founded etc. And I can understand why some may be uneasy. But should this be viewed any different that any other aspect of black culture that others have embraced or made their own. I intentionally didn't use the word "stole" because I don't view it that way. Have you been to blues concert lately? With the exception of the performers the audiences are largely white. Yet I don't see anybody complaining about that.

I've got to cut it short as I have to take my pup the vet. But bottom line is if we really want a more inclusive society we have to remember it works both ways.

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