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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Carolina Chocolate Drops

I ran across this video while checking out "this black sistas" blog

To be honest with the exception of a few artist I've been very unimpressed with what passes for R&B today. So being a native of North Carolina I'm intrigued by this group. I've always hated country music myself. But Blue Grass music was an entirely different thing, I'm not sure where I developed an ear for this type of music. Maybe it's because of the summer camp my parents sent me to in Black Mountain NC when I was 13, or maybe it's because it' reminds me of the relaxing summer trips my family would take to places like Asheville, Blowing Rock and Cherokee NC.  However being the cool brother that I was I could never let anybody know that I actually liked blue grass music. But that was until a young group of musicians has made blue grass hip. I've already come out of the closet as a metal head, maybe I should add  Blue Grass music to the list as well as well.

check out their video

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