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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

'YouCut' votes target welfare - Jake Sherman - POLITICO.com

Of course welfare was the program most people wanted to cut.
I'm no great fan of welfare myself, but I wonder how much of the total federal budget actually goes to welfare programs.\
I've seen various site that give an assortment of answers. most seem to geared toward pushing a certain political stance.
Anybody out there know where I can find a legitimate unbiased source?

'YouCut' votes target welfare - Jake Sherman - POLITICO.com


Calvin said...

Theres no such thing as an unbiased source lol. Cutting welfare is a bit drastic in my opinion. People assume because of the "welfare queen" stereotype that the poor want to be poor an on welfare. The majority of people who r on welfar want to work and not be on welfare.


Black Man said...

Calvin, totally agree with you.