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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Anti-Obama Protesters in Tampa

I know this is old news by now. I'm very late, but the Black Man has been busy.

Last week The President and Vice President came here to Tampa to hold a town hall meeting. Just so happened I had to drive by the University of Tampa that day, which meant I got to see all the anti-Obama protesters. What struck me the most was all the old white guys I saw protesting. Many were carrying signs with the usual right-wing slogans. You know the ones calling the President a Socialist or Marxist. I'm willing to bet my next paycheck that none of them would know a REAL socialist if one were to hit them up side the head with one their silly signs.

So here we have a bunch of retirees living off social security, medicare and their pensions (because they were able to stay at one job long enough to actually have one, and they retired before corporations started cutting back or eliminating pensions and replacing them with 401K's)in the streets protesting against a President and policies that he's trying to put in to place in order to ensure younger generations of Americans can enjoy the same security that they enjoy now.

Real good guys....Real good.

I don't agree with Obama 100% of time, and I am concerned about some of the spending I see going on in Washington. However I think it's just plain hypocritical to protest against "Big Government" while you're living off it at the same time. I guess they figure they got theirs......

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